Getting to Aachen from Düsseldorf Airport

At Düsseldorf Airport look for the yellow signs that say „SkyTrain“. SkyTrain is a cabin railway that connects the airport terminal building to the „Düsseldorf Flughafen“ railway station. It runs every 5 min but it is not covered by most airline tickets. If this is the case then you must buy a ticket from the vending machine at the airport station before travelling on SkyTrain. At the airport railway station, take the hourly Regional Express (RE) train that runs directly to Aachen Hbf (but stops frequently). Alternatively, you could get onto one of the faster trains (IR, IC, ICE) that require changing at Düsseldorf Hbf central station. Note that high-speed train tickets might require an extra charge. Tickets can be purchased online ( or from a DB ticket machine at the airport railway station. Total travel time is between 1h 20 min and 1h 45 min.

DB Tickets

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