On Wednesday, September 2, you can choose between four Technical Tours and one Social Tour to attend between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. The LANUV tour and the Social Tour will start at or in walking distance from the Eurogress. All other Technical Tours include transportation to and from the convention center. Please make sure to sign up for your tour of interest when you register for EAC 2020! While some tours might still have a few remaining places available at the beginning of the conference, others will be booked up completely.

IUTA in Duisburg

Date: Wednesday, September 2
Time: From 14:00 until 18:00 (tours take ~1 h)
Date: Bliersheimer Straße 58-60, 47229 Duisburg
(transportation included)
Price:  No cost
Participants: 80

IUTA is looking forward to welcome the aerosol community to our premises in Duisburg. IUTA is one of the largest research institutes of its kind in Germany with a strong focus on aerosols and particles. IUTA is known for its research on various aspects of aerosol technology. The filtration group is equipped with state of the art testing equipment to investigate the performance of a wide range of particle and adsorption filters, including filters for HVAC, compressed air or indoor air cleaners. The nanoparticle synthesis group operates a unique facility to produce highly specific nanoparticles at a rate of several kilograms per day.

IUTA was founded in 1989, when the whole region started a large transformation from a heavily industrialized to a more research-, service- and logistics-oriented area. IUTA is located in former Krupp lab-buildings and at the time of its foundation was still surrounded by blast furnaces of the once largest steelworks in Europe. Still today, a part of that industrial heritage survives in the shape of a huge stain glass window in the IUTA entrance hall. During the tour, you will learn more about state of the art possibilities of filter testing and nanoparticle synthesis. The classic Ruhr district food (Currywurst) and refreshments will be served and we will most certainly also indulge in one or the other story from the early years of IUTA, when the blast furnaces were still smoking.