EAC 2020 cares about sustainability!

Aerosol science is a research discipline closely linked to the environment. As organizers of the biggest conference on aerosol research in Europe this year, we aim to reduce the impact of EAC 2020 on the environment and our climate. In that context we are proud to say that Aachen has been named one of the top three most sustainable cities in Germany in 2018. Thanks to the development of e.Go, Streetscooter and Velocity, Aachen is now a model region for e-mobility.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17


Aachen lies in the heart of Europe and is accessible from all directions by train, which is the most environmentally friendly travel option. Intercity-Express (ICE) high-speed trains connect Aachen with most major cities in Germany. Thanks to a cooperation with Deutsche Bahn you will be able to travel on an event ticket, an offer that will be made available only at this conference website. If you are coming from abroad, the Thalys high-speed train service connects Aachen with Amsterdam, Paris, and Brussels. And, via Brussels you can connect to London and the UK rail network on the Eurostar high-speed railway service.

Once you are here, you will discover that EAC 2020 is a conference of short distances. We have chosen a centralized conference location that is in easy walking distance from most hotels and the city center. There is no need to use a car, and while there are good public transport links to the venue, they won’t be needed by the majority of attendees.

Conference venue

The venue of EAC 2020 is one of the pioneers in sustainable corporate management and in organizing resource-efficient events. As one of the first convention centers in Germany, Eurogress has been awarded the Green Globe Certificate of the EVVC (European Association of Event Centers e.V.) for comprehensive measures in environmental protection. In 2013 and 2015, Eurogress received the „Meeting Experts Green Award“ for sustainable personnel management, and was a nominee in the health management category in 2017. Some of the measures put in place by Eurogress include energy efficient air conditioning and lighting systems, separating and avoiding waste, and the cooperation with regional suppliers and service providers. All EAC 2020 attendees are asked to use the waste separation bins in the conference area provided by Eurogress.


The contract caterer of Eurogress, Lemonpie, has been certified as a German Sustainable Company already in 2014. They are dedicated to providing regional, seasonal and organic foods. During the social functions, vegetarian and vegan alternatives will be offered. During the coffee breaks all coffee, tea and soft drinks will be served in reusable cups and glasses that are washed onsite. A food waste policy and composting arrangements are also in place. Aachen has tap water of an excellent quality, which is safe to drink.

Environmental efforts

EAC 2020 is working towards minimizing the impact on the environment through careful use of resources. Meeting materials are circulated and files are shared electronically. Conference materials such as abstracts and proceedings are provided in the EAC 2020 meeting app and on the conference website. Printed materials are kept to a minimum and if provided are made of recycled paper. Conference bags are chosen based on sustainable and social responsibility considerations. The name tags for EAC 2020 are made from paper and are without a plastic cover.

We encourage all EAC 2020 attendees to participate in an environmentally friendly way! If you have any questions or suggestions regarding sustainability of the conference, please contact us at