Simulation chambers as tools in atmospheric research

Chairs: Falk Mothes (mothes@tropos.de ), Hartmut Herrmann (hartmut.herrmann@tropos.de), Jean-Francoise Doussin (Jean-Francois.Doussin@lisa.u-pec.fr)

Within this session results from the frontline of atmospheric mechanism and properties research using atmospheric simulation chamber will be presented and discussed. This includes research about evolution and chemical characterization of gas- and particle-phase products of VOC oxidation, SOA formation and growth from biogenic and anthropogenic sources, multiphase chemistry, chemical and physical transformation of soot, mineral dust or bioaerosol or evolution and aging of biomass burning emission.

The evaluation of the impact of these processes on aerosol optical properties, particle hygroscopicity and CCN activity, ice nucleation activity as well as on pollutants toxicity, health effects or cultural heritage are highly welcome.

Works involving new and/or improved instrumentation as well as refined protocols and their combination with models will also be presented with a special emphasis.

The session is organized by EUROCHAMP-2020 and is widely open for all that are interested.

Aerosols and COVID-19

Special event: at Krönungssaal Aachen on Sept. 3

In the context of the online EAC 2020, a scientific panel discussion on the topic „Aerosols and COVID-19“ will take place on Thursday, September 3, from 6 – 8 pm. The venue of the event is the Coronation Hall in the Aachen City Hall. The discussion will be held in English. An expert panel will discuss the latest state of knowledge regarding COVID-19 and aerosols. Aspects such as aerosol dispersion, filtering techniques and implications of stay-at-home orders on aerosols and air quality will be discussed. The event is open to the public. Registration is needed for this event via the registration form below. Due to the regulations of the Corona Protection Ordinance, the number of seats is strictly limited, but the event will also be broadcast in a livestream.