• Thanks to the organisation team, their enormous effort and the time that they invested in everything around this conference! And last but not least…a real original toilet „wall paper“: „Lucy was here!“ 😉
  • I was unable to find out which direction the toilet flush vortex is turning. I do this at every conference out of a scientific interest. But I give extra points for fluffy toilet paper. 5 out of 5
  • Tripadvisor: To have a small summary: The Conference had everything what was needed to be counted as a Conference. Great Social Networking possibilities (yotribe), Long and Good Discussions during the Zoom Talks, as well small privat conversations during that time. With the possiblitiy to look at the Presentations and Posters (and downloadable Abstracts) even one week after the Conference, even increase the value of a Conference, because there is a chance to look at ALL contributions, but there are no parking slots available for me pixel car :so 2/5
    Remark from the Organizers: We have hoped that many of you actually travel by the train of thoughts 😉
  • At the conference and need to pee.
    Using the urinal when, „Oh, geez!“
    A famous professor,
    Making me feel lesser,
    By having much more funding than me.
  • Highly enjoyable conference restroom break!
  • At least here is no mirror. 4.5/5 Would Visit Again. Skeleton is a good listener.
  • At the Toilet Facts is missing: Its a great Atomizer, when the toilet lid left open during flushing
  • to have the full toilet experience, you have to take care of the odor yourself
  • Fortunately, nobody here writes the usual texts that you can read on toilet walls. 🙂
  • Loved the restrooms. Great idea!
  • Just wow! What a unique and great experience. I am surprised, how much conference feeling you can actually transfer into online formats. Thank you so much for all the effort and the funny little things on this website.
  • Finally a place to leave pixel poop where its belong (Internet Toilet)
  • Alway close the lid of a toilet before flushing. A toilet may as well be a giant atomizer.
  • Our digital sanitary facilities are actually so much better than e.g. the ones at the Aachen Coronation Hall! And more fun, too.