Activities Cancelled and Information Redundant due to the Move of EAC 2020 to an Online Event

You can probably imagine how hard it is when a well-made plan goes up in flames. At least this is how the organizing committee of EAC2020 felt when we had to cancel our in-person event in Aachen after we had worked on it for several years. However, we do not want to keep what we had planned a secret. That’s why we thought we give you at least a taste of the “omissions” and what a parallel non-COVID universe would have offered at EAC2020.

This section will try to give you a sneak preview of activities originally planned, such as the organ concert at Aachen Cathedral, the various Technical Tours, and the Aachen Sightseeing Tour. The conference dinner at Aachen’s Coronation Hall has transformed into a panel discussion at the same location on Thursday evening but unfortunately EAC’s First Ever After Dinner Party had to be cancelled completely.

Finally, we have kept the information on how to get to Aachen and what to expect in this beautiful city as we sincerely hope that you will all make it to Aachen one day!