General Remark

Please watch the video provided from the local organizing team first before asking questions.

How can I join the ice breaker?

The Icebreaker will be held on Sunday from 17:00 – 20:00. To join, click on the go to conference icon. This will lead you to the virtual conference center, where you will need to sign in with your Expo-IP ID and password. Please enter the lobby and you will be guided to the ice breaker

Where can I watch the presentations?

  1. Please note that the conference opens on Sunday with the ice breaker. Before the ice breaker not all portals are fully activated.
  2. Once the conference is open you may join the EAC2020 using EXPO-IP by clicking on Goto Conference! (see also button on the right)
  3. Now you have to log in. In the lobby and at several other places you will find links guiding you to the Lobby, the Exhibition, the Discussion and the Plenaries.
  4. All platform presentations have been pre-recorded and are hosted on an external video platform. The platform can be reached directly via https://video.eac2020.de/, or using the links in the virtual conference center or in ConfTool. Please use your  individual credentials, sent to you on Friday, August 28 to sign in.
  5. Plenary talk will be held live (using zoom) in the Europa Saal, which is directly accessible through the conference lobby.

Why I can't see the poster pdfs?

This is an issue of your browser settings. Your browser has to enable pdf previews.

Please use the recommended browser  Chrome or Firefox or open downloaded pdfs locally.

Are sessions during this online EAC similar to sessions at on-site conferences?

In the virtual conference, the presentations and discussions are separate. Presentations have-been pre-recorded and can be watched at any time on the video platform. Discussions of the poster and platform presentations will be held live in discussion sessions.

Platform and poster sessions are similar, they are meant mainly for discussion.  In platform sessions each presenter has ~1 min to present their summary slide and after that other participants can ask questions for ~4 min.  In poster sessions each presenter has ~1 min to present their summary slide and after that there is discussion for ~3 min.

Note that you do not need to share the summary slide from your own laptop, but all the slides are shown by the conference organizers. Also note that there is no possibility to show any other slides or the pdf of your poster in the session.

Please arrive at your session 10 min before it starts.

Where to chat with other people?

Just like at an on-site conference, the virtual coffee and networking space are provided in the exhibition area.

Once the conference has opened and you have entered the Lobby, you will find further links guiding you to the chat rooms. Visiting these rooms will open a Yotribe Room (Example the „Cafe“ Link inside the Building).

Are my conversations being recorded?

No. We do not record your conversations.

Are my conversations private?

This depends on the type of platform and conversation room that you use. For more information please look at https://eac2020.de/tools_platforms/

Am I visible to all, all the time?

You are only visible, when you enter a zoom session or YoTribe room with your webcam switched on.

Can I track people?

No. You cannot track people. You can see and write People on a Private Conversation on Zoom and Yotribe.

How long are presentations available? Rewatchable?

Presentations are available from the ice breaker until the September 11th 2020 .

Do I have to sign in for each discussion session?

If you want to join the discussion you sign in and receive an email with the link.

By signing in for a discussion session, you add this item to your personal agenda and will receive an email with the link. Once the discussion session has started (ten minutes prior to the start of the discussion), you can join the session.

Can I create my personal agenda in Expo-IP?

Yes, you can create your own personal agenda and don’t need to print the entire program. Every item that you sing in for will be automatically added to your personal agenda. You can access your personal agenda by clicking on this icon in Expo-IP

Where do I find my vimp (video platform) registration?

You find your vimp registration in an Email from the conference office on Friday August 28th.

Is my password for each platform/website, the same, or do I have to register again?

It is not the same for each platform. You have to register for the different platforms separately. For further details on the platforms please check https://eac2020.de/tools_platforms/

What is an online conference/web meeting?

It is a meeting that is taking place at an internet platform. For more details please see https://eac2020.de/

Which (technical) requirements are necessary to participate at the conference? What are the system requirements?

Which browser can I use for the EAC 2020 online conference?

You can use all standard browsers. Firefox and Chrome are working reliably.

Edge and Safari may not work. The use of Internet Explorer is not recommended

How can I adjust the volume?

If you use a headset and Microsoft Windows, please click at the speaker symbol (right corner at the menue bar) and adjust the volume there.

I can’t hear/see anything. What can I do?

Please check the technical requirements here https://eac2020.de/tools_platforms/

  • If you don’t hear anything and you use a headset and Microsoft Windows, please check by clicking at the speaker symbol (right corner at the menue bar) if the right device is active there.
  • If you can’t see anything or others cannot see you, please check if your camera is active.
  • Are you using a laptop and an external monitor? Maybe the camera is only active at your laptop and you can solve this problem by simply sitting in front of your laptop or by activating the camera in your external monitor.

How many participants are in maximum allowed?

There is no set maximum.

Are the sessions recorded?


Can the host mute other user? Can the host mute me?

 Yes, the host can mute all other users.

What happens if the host leaves the zoom meeting?

Normally, the meeting is closed when the host leaves the zoom meeting. The host may, however, assign another meeting participant to take host controls to continue the meeting.

Where can I find the networking area??

The networking area is located in the exhibition hall.

Where can I find the videos/posters?

Once the conference is open and you have entered the Lobby, you will find further links guiding you to the different lecture halls. There you find further links that lead you to the contributions, the discussion and the chat rooms.

How and when can I join a discussion session?

Go to the discussion hall where the disscussion of interest will take place. There you will find a link to join the discussion. The discussion room will open 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the discussion. Before that you can already sing in to the discussion and add it to your personal agenda.

Can I see who joined a session?

 Zoom provides information about the current attendees.

Can I ask my questions orally or do I have to write them in the chat?

There are both options.

Where are the Toilets?

OK you have reached the end of a long, long list of FAQs and did not fall asleep..

The toilet / bathroom is located in the lobby. (Go to the right)